Tuning Rates as of 2024:


To summarize fees below, you will either pay the evaluation fee or the tuning fee but not both plus the travel fee if applicable. I'm a professional and my time and expertise is in high demand, so I am not able to travel around looking at dead on arrival pianos for FREE that you are not serious about investing in. So please understand and be prepared for one of the following below prior to reaching out to me. 


EVALUATION / CONSULTATION [30 minute - 1 hour appointment] [Fee is: $75.00] PREPAYMENT REQUIRED. Pianos that have not been tuned “for years,” or you do not know when it was last tuned, or if they do not play correctly, should first be evaluated to make sure that the instrument is capable of maintaining a proper tuning.​This service is normally for individuals: Purchasing a piano online and have no clue if it's worth it or not and you want to send me to look at it on site. Inheriting grandmothers piano that nearly 60-100+ years old do not recommending this by the way. Pianos such as any marketplace piano / spinets / Kimballs / Whitney / Wurlitzer and other end of life pianos MUST be evaluated before you pay to have them moved, or before I will perform work on them.​This service is separate from any tuning services listed below and is a separate apointment than those appointments. I will come out quote the work, if you decide to have the work done, I will credit the evaluation fee back towards the quoted service on the piano you will pay the difference. I may service the piano that day or schedule for a later date depending on the work needed. Evaluation / Consultation payment instructions are below under "ways to pay". 



ANNUAL TUNING: [1-1.5 hour appointment] [price quoted at evalutation] after evalution fee is paid. On well-maintained pianos that have been tuned regularly every 6-12 months and do not require repair, regulation, pitch raise. This service is normally for individuals who maintain their pianos. ATTN: MMTA - Mobile Music Teachers Association Members Only, I have an agreement with MMTA to provide a MMTA Member rate to MMTA Members only. If your name is on the MMTA website "find a teacher" page please let me know, if submitting form below type "MMTA" in referral source field.



TUNING w/ PITCH RAISE [1.5-2.5 hour appointment] [price quoted at evalutation] after evalution fee is paid. Pianos that have not been tuned annually more than 3 years, or have undergone a drastic climatic change, typically require a “pitch raise” basically a double tuning on the same visit. It is recommended that you have another tuning done in 3 months after pitch raise tuning at which the standard annual tuning rate applies. This service is normally for individuals who DO NOT maintain their pianos regularly and piano has a twang out of tune sound or not working properly.



TRAVEL FEES? Yes. At 46 miles and up[$1.00 per mile starting at 46 miles and up] Travel fees assessed over 45 miles from my originating destination (usually North Mobile, AL area) charged at my discretion, submit a request for a quote before service 46 miles = $46.00 etc. If piano is not tunable or servicable $75 evaluation fee applies and you are liable for mileage chargesExample of your travel fee investment:​ There is a reason I charge travel fees starting at 46 miles and up. Let's assume you tell me your piano is tunable, and I travel 70 miles to your appointment. Upon my arrival, I find out the piano strings are rusted and can't be tuned. I just spent 2 hours and 40 minutes on the road driving 140 miles round trip to a non-servicable piano. You would owe me $215 because the evaluation fee listed above is $75 + [140 x $1.00 = $140]  = $215.00 for me to show up to a non-tunable piano. You are paying for my time and travel because I have to give up a potential appointment for all the travel hours and your rusted up piano. If piano is tunable in above senario replace $75 evaluation fee with one of the tuning rates and you are responsible for the tuning rate and travel fees only.



FINALLY if you're still with meMy time is very valuable and I know yours is as well. My work and service is in HIGH DEMAND because I'm reputable and I've maintained my 5-Star standard for a long time. I will not waste your money if you do not waste my time. For services listed above, I can give you a generalized estimate on the annual tuning or tuning with pitch raise rate by phone or by completing form below, however for accurate estimate you need to pay the evaluation fee $75.00 if I come out to location. I will come out quote the work, if you decide to have the work done, I will credit the evaluation fee back towards the quoted service on the piano you will pay the difference. I may service the piano that day or schedule appointment for a later date depending on the work needed. I take pride in what I do and will do everything to accommodate you and your piano in the process. I look forward to working with you.




Cash or Checks

ApplePay, ​Venmo, CashApp, Zelle (text 251-455-0562 for the Venmo, CashApp or Zelle link)

Credit Cards - CLICK HERE for secure payment site offered by TheFirst Bank. Note: enter $75 as amount for paying evaluation fee prepayment, if you are paying an invoice balance you may enter that amount.



REMEMBER: to complete "Request a Rate Quote" form below as well this provides me needed information for scheduling. The more information you provide me the better I can help you determine an estimate.


Rates may be subject to change depending on circumstances, MFM reserves right to reject any or all services after payment of evaluation fee due to poor condition of piano because of neglect or owner's lack of annual maintenance. I will do EVERYTHING to explain this to you and there will be NO SURPRISES! I'm honest and fair with pricing and do not charge for what I do not perform or do. I am also transparent with all repairs and quote them prior to charging you for any work.